Solterra Recycling Solutions is leading the industry in recycling, offering new tools and techniques that encourage recycling and reduce costs for consumers. From single-stream recycling to organic waste recycling, Solterra is proud of its reputation and is dedicated to continually finding new ways to streamline the waste disposal process and safeguard the environment.

We look forward to developing a state-of-the-art recycling program that best fits your specific residential or commercial needs, environmental objectives and budget.

What makes us different from the competition is our steadfast commitment to pursuing initiatives that save money for our customers while preserving the environment throughout New Jersey and the Philadelphia area.

  • We are actively converting our fleet of trucks from diesel fuel to clean, quiet, and domestically-fueled natural gas refuse trucks. This is an environmental alternative that will reshape the waste and recycling industry in New Jersey and force our competitors to step up.


  • We are leading the way in New Jersey to implement single-stream recycling, allowing residents in municipalities we serve to co-mingle recyclable paper and mixed containers into one bin for collection. This landmark program greatly increases the number of people participating in local recycling programs and encourages individuals to put aside more refuse for recycling. This initiative has generated the recovery of an additional 25 percent of recycled materials.


  • Single-Stream Recycling also saves municipalities money, as Solterra requires a smaller fleet for this process and can optimize routes for greater efficiency. Through Single-Stream Recycling, there is no need for special recycling vehicles with greater material compaction. Only one truck is needed per route, saving fuel, saving the environment and saving money.

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