Listed below are questions that we frequently answer. If your question is not addressed here, you may use our contact form to send us your commercial and residential questions via email.

What time do I have to have my trash out for pickup?

Always have your trash out by 6:00 am on your scheduled pick up day. It is requested that the carts are at the curb the night before in order to prevent a missed collection if your township allows it.

Do you take bulk items?

Yes, but you must make prior arrangements with our office. A charge will apply according to the item(s) being disposed of.

If I have to cancel service can I get a refund for unused service?

Yes, but only if you move, have a month or more unused credit, or account holder should pass away.

Can my account be credited for vacation or time away?

Yes, if you will be away for 4 weeks or more. You must contact our office prior to you leaving.

What happens if there is bad weather on the day of my pickup?

If our office is closed due to inclement conditions scheduled pickups will be the following day. Please check our website an/or Facebook page for weather alerts.

What is your Holiday Schedule?

Solterra Recycling Solutions is closed for the following Holidays:
If your pickup day falls on one of the following days and you get picked up once a week, your next pickup will be the following week. If you get picked up twice per week you lose the pickup day and pickup will occur on your second pickup day.

  • New Years

  • Memorial Day

  • July 4th

  • Labor Day

  • Thanksgiving

  • Christmas Day

What items may be included in my Residential single stream bin?

The following material can be recyced ONLY if they are clean (free of food waste.) A good rinse should be sufficient!

• Plastics marked with numbers 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 or 7 (no #6)
• Aluminum cans
• Aluminum trays and foil (cleaned)
• Aerosol cans
• Steel and tin cans
• Glass jars and bottles
• Lids to bottles, jugs, jars and other containers
• Newspapers and inserts (remove plastic sleeves)
• Magazines, catalogs, phone books
• Office and school paper
• Cardboard
• Boxboard (cereal boxes, etc.)
• Brown paper bags
• Paperback books
• Paper-only junk mail

What is the best way to stay informed about Solterra schedule changes, weather alerts, and/or news?

Visit us on our Facebook page.

What if my trash is not collected?

If for any reason your trash was not collected please contact our office immediately.

What items are not allowed in my cart?

Construction material, Carpeting, Hazardous Waste, Oil, Batteries, Paint, Tires, Pipes, Dirt, Rocks, Bricks, Grass, Shrubs, Branches, or Furniture may NOT be placed in your cart(s).

What are the available payment options?

We accept a variety of payment methods. Please contact the office for details.
Online Bill Pay - go to