Compactors are specialized self contained Roll-Off dumpsters. They are commonly seen on sight of a high demanding sanitary environment. Compactors are ideal for supermarkets, fast food restaurants, hotels, casinos, hospitals, floor handling companies and processing plants. Compactors are available in many sizes (15, 20, 30, 35, and 40 yards) to suite your needs.


Compactors are designed with an oversized feed opening and expanded container storage capacity to make your disposal easy and efficient. 


By using compactors, work conditions remain environmentally clean. Compactors do not leave behind extra mess since they are hauled away and dumped off the premises, unlike a Front-Load Can. The compactors are leak resistant which helps eliminate insects and odor problems. They are also energy efficient and have low operating costs.


Other than personal benefits compactors are environmentally friendly. The hauler is required to make less trips to the landfill which allows for less burning of toxic emissions as well as providing landfills with extended life.

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